Letters to the Editor

Newspaper can evangelize to even more readers with additional magazine


To the Editor:

It would be such a special gift from The Lord and blessing to all in the Diocese of Providence, if the RI Catholic could be taken from newspaper to a mini magazine! Perhaps the size of a mini “Leaflet Missal Christmas Catalog.”

Many, many years ago, I found a magazine for the youth. I believe it was titled, “True Girl.” Unfortunately, I tried to purchase the catalog years ago, searched it, and came across an impure website. This “True Girl” mini magazine was specifically geared toward young girls. It featured a saint of the month, there was a spiritual guidance series from a priest — Father Leo Patalinghug, the priest that currently cooks on EWTN in “Grace After Meals,” — it also had fashion tips, such as about dressing more virtuously, and interesting facts about the Faith, etc.

If the RI Catholic were to do this in addition to what it does now and target a larger audience, had a teen section, a younger child’s section and be sold at the local checkouts, wouldn’t there be people hungering to learn more about the faith and get closer to God? Wouldn’t that be something great for families to converse about at the dinner table? Catholic School children?

As a woman in my late forties, I am so tired of being in the checkout line at Stop & Shop or Walmart and seeing the women on Cosmopolitan and other magazines half exposed on the cover. The youth have poor role models being thrown in their faces! We are all so bombarded with sexual impurity. St. Anthony guarded his eyes when walking by shops. We must too. The youth don’t know how to dress virtuously with these models and Hollywood. They need to learn about the virgin martyrs and the saints and worry about their souls just as we have to.

There is only one “Family Friendly” aisle at Stop & Shop where none of this trash is sold! It is “soft pornography.” It needs to be off of the shelves. God’s little girls see this and then we wonder why there is such low self-esteem in our culture!

Why not see The RI Catholic with news about what’s going on in the diocese and a Featured Saint at the checkouts? Healing Masses for youth?

Maybe there could be several things featured that will get others to get back to Confession, Holy Mass on The Lord’s Day, Holy Days of Obligation and Special Feast Days until death.

Elizabeth Cavallaro