Mourning a shepherd who led with humility, compassion and kindness


On January 10, the Diocese of Providence mourned the loss of a beloved shepherd as it offered prayers to Almighty God for the repose of his soul. The Most Reverend Robert E. Mulvee was just that: a shepherd after the heart of Christ. Those who knew him best spoke of his humility, compassion and unremitting kindness. While he served eight years as the bishop of this local Church, he remains a priest forever. Not even death can undo what God mercifully bestowed upon this loyal son of the Church 61 years ago.

Robert Mulvee laid down his life on his ordination day for the glory of God and the sanctification of souls. Since that day, his heart was wed to the Bride of Christ. Many recall his many accomplishments for this diocese, his witness to virtue in a troubling cultural milieu and his commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us. These will remain firmly in our memory. But above all, Bishop Mulvee’s life was an instrument of divine grace. Only in Heaven will we see the fruits of his priestly labor, for which we are most grateful.

We pray he now continues his priestly intercession in the Heavenly Kingdom beside the merciful Lord. May his legacy shine brightly on the future priests of this diocese, as they too follow his example and give their lives for the Lord’s flock. Bishop Mulvee loved Providence, her priests, and her people. He knew well that every good shepherd acts “as one who serves,” laying down his life for his sheep.