Marriage Milestones


PROVIDENCE — Hundreds of Catholic couples and their families attended the Diocesan Wedding Anniversary Celebration Mass concelebrated by Bishop Thomas J. Tobin and by pastors from throughout the diocese on Sunday, Oct. 6 at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul in Providence.

The Mass marked the 25th, 40th, 50th year and beyond wedding anniversaries of couples from parishes across the diocese.

In his homily, Bishop Tobin commended the couples for their commitment through their faith to their long marriages.

“The most valuable gift given to you is the gift of your Catholic faith,” he said. “Increase our faith; That should be the wish of all of us gathered here today.”

George and Claire Costa of St. John Vianney Church, Cumberland, celebrated 50 years of marriage at the anniversary celebration. Claire had been in a nursing home recovering from a hospital stay until Saturday, Oct. 5, when she signed herself out in order to attend the Mass.

“I told them at the nursing home that I wanted to go home because I wanted to have my marriage blessed today by the bishop in the cathedral,” she shared. “When he blessed us it made me cry. I am so happy God gave me the chance to renew our vows.”

The Office of Marriage Preparation and Enrichment has organized and held the event for 10 years, filling the cathedral to near capacity each in celebration of the sacrament of marriage.

“The best thing you can leave behind as your legacy is the gift of your faith to our church, our community and your family,” the bishop said in his homily. “For those children who are here today, the best way to honor your faith and your parents is to live the faith they have given you.”

Couples Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries

Sixty-ninth Michael & Mafalda Andrea

Sixty-seventh Joseph & Regina Iacovacci

Sixty-sixth Victor & Edith D'Alfonso

Sixty-sixth Hugo & Serafina Deascentis

Sixty-fifth John & Anna Casale

Sixty-fifth Mario & Veronica M. Casinelli, Jr.

Sixty-fifth Salvatore & Pauline Catanese

Sixty-fifth Erasmo & Helene Lischio

Sixty-fifth Everett & Dorothy Mathews

Sixty-fifth Raymond & Annette Raiche

Sixty-fifth Peter & Constance Ruo

Sixty-fifth Thomas & Vincenza Valletta

Sixty-fourth Salvatore & Mary Claire Bisceglio

Sixty-fourth Harold & Patricia Blanding

Sixty-fourth Louis & Gloria Sciolto

Sixty-third Roger & Muriel Buck

Sixty-third Rudolph R. & Jean B. Lombardi

Sixty-third Domenic & Josephine Montefusco

Sixty-third Richard & Eleanor Mournighan

Sixty-third Joseph & Gilda Narcisi

Sixty-third William & Florence Rosa

Sixty-first Clarence & Mary Barrow

Sixty-first Joseph & Dorothy Caromile

Sixty-first Charles & Muriel LaFontaine

Sixty-first Albert & Edna Thoman

Sixtieth Armand & Irene Arcand

Sixtieth Robert & Joan Audette

Sixtieth Francis & Patricia Camara

Sixtieth Cosmo & Esther Cambio

Sixtieth Matteo & Rita Castigliego

Sixtieth Robert & Barbara Cute

Sixtieth Domenic & Marilyn DeNardo

Sixtieth Philip & Joan Gately

Sixtieth Richard & Theresa Jones

Sixtieth Robert & Jeanne Lamoureux, Sr.

Sixtieth John & Barbara Petrarca

Sixtieth Carlo & Elena Pirolli

Sixtieth Nicholas & Eileen Scorobogaty

Sixtieth James R. & Joan C. Smith, Jr.

Sixtieth Richard & Irene St. Louis

Sixtieth Edward J. & Paula M. Sylvia

Sixtieth William & Mary Valletta

Fifty-ninth Antimo & Rosalie D'Agostino

Fifty-ninth Ciro & Olga DeLuca

Fifty-eighth Gerald & Jeanne Choiniere

Fifty-seventh William & Patricia Camille, Sr.

Fifty-seventh Kenneth & Lillian Devine

Fifty-seventh Martin Andrew & Shirley Ann Moran, Jr.

Fifty-seventh Lansdale & Marie Wilson

Fifty-sixth Frank & Teresa Caramadre

Fifty-sixth Joseph & Natalie Migneault

Fifty-sixth Robert & Ann Marilyn Ormond

Fifty-sixth Salvatore & Evelyn Raspallo

Fifty-sixth J. Denis & Judy Roch

Fifty-sixth Ralph & Therese Savaria

Fifty-fifth Joseph & Helen Stachowiak

Fifty-fourth Philip & Patricia Abbatomarco

Fifty-fourth Edward & Rosemary Altiere

Fifty-fourth David & Janet Gagnon

Fifty-fourth Santa & Jeanette Matrone

Fifty-fourth Paul & Sandra Therien

Fifty-fourth John & Elizabeth Waters

Fifty-third Michael R. & Dolores Mancini

Fifty-third Frank & Natalie Nencka

Fifty-second Anthony & Rosemarie Arlia, Sr.

Fifty-second Joseph & Lois Lombardi

Fifty-second Miguel A. & Juanita Rey

Fifty-first Charles & Carolyn Beck

Fifty-first Alfred M. & Jean M. Cameron

Fifty-first Peter & Grace Eudenbach

Fifty-first Paul & Cecile Perreault

Fiftieth Robert & Lucy Almberg

Fiftieth Antonio & Helen Antonizio, Jr.

Fiftieth Harry & Mary Armen

Fiftieth John & Regina Barattini

Fiftieth James & Marian Barden

Fiftieth David R. & Ann Marie Bartley

Fiftieth Jean & Terrie Beaucage

Fiftieth Donald & Janice Boland

Fiftieth Michael & Patricia Bonaguro

Fiftieth Robert & Lucille Breggia

Fiftieth Raymond & Annmarie Byrnes

Fiftieth Arthur & Doris Cabral

Fiftieth Anthony & Virginia Caccia

Fiftieth Kenneth & Patricia Carlson

Fiftieth Henry & Sheila Carnevale

Fiftieth Sofanor & Blanca Carpio

Fiftieth Peter F. & Virginia Carr

Fiftieth Bernard & Carol Carroll

Fiftieth Luigi & Carmela Carusi

Fiftieth Bart & Marje Catanzaro

Fiftieth Norman & Lea Charron

Fiftieth Robert J. & J. Christine Chlebek

Fiftieth Joseph & Judith Cianciolo

Fiftieth George & Claire Costa

Fiftieth John & Ann-Marie Cross

Fiftieth Frank & Connie D'Angelo

Fiftieth Manuel & Emilio Maria Noelio DaRosa

Fiftieth Frederick & Mary Davenport

Fiftieth David E. & Mary DelSanto

Fiftieth Anthony & Ann Marie DeQuattro

Fiftieth John R. & Jeannine V. Dionne

Fiftieth Anthony & Bernice DiRobbio

Fiftieth Joseph & Lyse Dobrott

Fiftieth Edward & Carolyn Dolan

Fiftieth Robert & Theresa D'Ordine

Fiftieth Eduino & Idalina Dosouto

Fiftieth Thomas J. & & Beverly A. & Dutra

Fiftieth Robert & Claire Ferretti

Fiftieth George & Joseph Marie Dorothy Fincik

Fiftieth Cornelius & John Mary Ann Fitton

Fiftieth Frank &Rosa Fragosa

Fiftieth Charles &Virginia Francis

Fiftieth Louis & Kathleen M. Franco

Fiftieth Clodomiro & Beatrice Gabriele

Fiftieth Normand & Elizabeth Gelinas

Fiftieth F. Alfred & Jeannette Gobeille

Fiftieth William F. & Mary Ann Hayes

Fiftieth Robert & Patricia Karmozyn

Fiftieth Ronald & Susan Knapp

Fiftieth Frederick C. & Norma J. Kraemer

Fiftieth Edmond M. & Jeanne C. Laflamme

Fiftieth Paul & Cornelia Laprade

Fiftieth Joseph & Rene Marie Elaine Laquerre

Fiftieth Thomas J. & Nora P. Lee

Fiftieth Douglas & Patricia LeVasseur

Fiftieth William &Joan LoBello

Fiftieth Stephen & Judith Lynch

Fiftieth John & Helen Madoian

Fiftieth Ernest & Vivian Marcotte

Fiftieth William & Marlene Mattis

Fiftieth Lawrence & Patricia McCarthy

Fiftieth Ron & Ruth McKenna

Fiftieth Edmund & Joyce Miller

Fiftieth Robert T. & Ann Mulcahey

Fiftieth Leonard & Rita Nazareth

Fiftieth Thomas A. & Frances A. O'Connell

Fiftieth Paul & Angela Pecchia

Fiftieth Joseph & Rose Peluso

Fiftieth Raymond & Lorraine Potter

Fiftieth John & Elaine Precopio

Fiftieth Francisco & Isaltina Rodrigues

Fiftieth Jerry & Jane Sarza

Fiftieth George & Patricia Sehl

Fiftieth Manuel R. & Mary P. Silva

Fiftieth Richard & Shirley Silvia

Fiftieth Emanuel & Urania Soares

Fiftieth Anthony &Virginia Squizzero

Fiftieth Richard & Janice St. Sauveur

Fiftieth Rosario & Clara Terrana

Fiftieth Lionel & Maria Vieira

Fiftieth Manuel E. & Idalina M. Vieira

Fiftieth Joseph & Leona Vitullo

Fortieth Thomas &Lucille Andolfo

Fortieth Antonio & Isaura Andrade

Fortieth Frank & Robin Bosworth

Fortieth George & W. Barbara Brown, Jr.

Fortieth David & Dianne Carosi

Fortieth Jack & Maria Ester Costa

Fortieth Silvestre & Inez Costa

Fortieth Roger & Diane Cyr

Fortieth John & Alice Dabney

Fortieth Joseph & Deborah DeOrsey

Fortieth Edward C. & Patricia M. Dubois

Fortieth Richard & Jeanne Feole

Fortieth Roger & Jacqueline Giard

Fortieth Donald & Kathleen Godin

Fortieth David & Donna Marie Goodrich

Fortieth Edward & Karen Gutierres

Fortieth Robert & Linda Haley

Fortieth Jerome & Ann Marie Hoxie

Fortieth John & Virginia Kearney

Fortieth David & Christine Kirchner

Fortieth Lawrence & Paula Korich

Fortieth Robert & Rita Laberge

Fortieth Christopher & Claire Lenhart

Fortieth Denis & Diane Leveillee

Fortieth Fernando & Margaret Lopes

Fortieth Richard & Lillian Lord

Fortieth Glenn & Margaret Machemer

Fortieth Michael & Donna Magill

Fortieth James & Donna Manuppelli

Fortieth Gerard & Jeannine Michaud

Fortieth John & Catherine Mitchell

Fortieth Edward & Maria Moitoso

Fortieth Daniel & William Julia Mary Monahan

Fortieth Gerald & Barbara Olean

Fortieth Frank & Jeanne Page

Fortieth William & Leslie Pettingell

Fortieth James & Denise Queenan

Fortieth Louis & Eleanor Rego

Fortieth Philip A. & Elizabeth Ricci, Jr.

Fortieth Eugene & Anna Marie Richmond

Fortieth Walter & Rose Rocha

Fortieth Antonio & Albertina Rodrigues

Fortieth Samuel & Maureen Roy

Fortieth Edgar & Adelina Silva

Fortieth Richard & Arlene Siravo

Fortieth Richard & Mary Smith

Fortieth Thomas & Maureen Smith

Fortieth Walter & Salvacion Smith

Fortieth Alfred & Charon L. Souza

Fortieth Anthony J. & Anne Marie Souza, Jr.

Fortieth Frank & Sandra Spadazzi

Fortieth Paul & Susan St. Amand

Fortieth Gary & Joanne Taravella

Fortieth Daniel & Maria Goretti Teixeira

Fortieth Cornelius & Mary Tonet

Fortieth Martin & Helen C. Toohey

Fortieth John & Geraldine Walter

Twenty-fifth Gregory & Virginia Bachand

Twenty-fifth Paul & Rita Boisclair

Twenty-fifth Bruce & Catherine Boisvert

Twenty-fifth Donald & Christine Boland

Twenty-fifth Arlex & Adriana Arias Bonilla

Twenty-fifth Marcel & Jacqueline Bourque

Twenty-fifth William & Lisa Bowden

Twenty-fifth Kevin & Christine Brown

Twenty-fifth Paul & Daryl Carlson

Twenty-fifth John & Wendy Catalfamo

Twenty-fifth Robert & Mary Chinn

Twenty-fifth Kenneth & Colleen Collum

Twenty-fifth Michael & Kathleen Connolly

Twenty-fifth Ed & Donna Costa

Twenty-fifth Mark & Linda Dean

Twenty-fifth Daniel & Kimberly Doucette

Twenty-fifth Fidel & Alberto Rosalba Estrada

Twenty-fifth Thomas & Ivette Fantasia

Twenty-fifth Scott & James Susan Marie Furtado

Twenty-fifth Stephen & Margaret Furtado

Twenty-fifth Gerald & Julie Galleshaw

Twenty-fifth John M. & Lisa M. Garcia

Twenty-fifth Edward & Joan Germain

Twenty-fifth Javier & Eva Gomez

Twenty-fifth John & Brenda Hanna

Twenty-fifth Carlos & Angela Hernandez

Twenty-fifth Rene & Linda Lamoureux

Twenty-fifth Thomas & Susan Lemieux

Twenty-fifth Craig & Pamela Marciniak

Twenty-fifth Anthony & Jane Marsella

Twenty-fifth Pierre & Janet Masse

Twenty-fifth Joao & Laura Medeiros

Twenty-fifth Augusto & Rosantina Medina

Twenty-fifth Kevin & Janet Miller

Twenty-fifth David & Cheryl Picard

Twenty-fifth Michael & Lisa Proulx

Twenty-fifth Raymond & Kathy Quirk

Twenty-fifth Ronald & Christine Rathier

Twenty-fifth Ronald & Joanne Reed

Twenty-fifth Christy & Maureen Robertson

Twenty-fifth Felix & Josephine Santilli

Twenty-fifth Thomas & Lisa Shea

Twenty-fifth Stephen & Lisa Silva

Twenty-fifth Robert & Luann Silvestri

Twenty-fifth David & Colleen Simmons

Twenty-fifth Armando & Dolores Soares

Twenty-fifth Paul & Linda St. Laurent

Twenty-fifth Gaulter & Anna Travassos

Twenty-fifth David & Cynthia Velleco