‘Lucky’ is mere superstition, not faith, as ad implies


To the Editor:

I have received the Rhode Island Catholic for some years now. As I have many priest acquaintances in the Diocese, your newspaper keeps me up to date in a neighboring diocese.

I have always found your paper to be exceptional in its reporting news of interests to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

However, I was greatly taken aback to an advertisement found in last weeks edition (13 Dec. ) It was one promoting an "Authentic Lucky Irish Penny." Really, has the newspaper of the Diocese of Providence had to resort to accepting such advertising in its official publication?

Belief in "luck" or "lucky items" blatantly smack of paganism at its worse. You might as well be promoting a "lucky rabbit's foot" while you're at it. This is not something worthy of your newspaper, especially one which strives to promote authentically Catholic issues and teachings.

I hope that you will be a bit more attentive in the future as to what kind of advertising you accept.

Fr. Steven Amo

Pastor, All Saints Parish

Agawam, MA

To the Editor: