Linking all life issues results in less pro-life turnout at abortion clinics



An article by Tony Magliano in your October 26 edition entitled, “Respecting Life Demands Linking all Life Issues,” is exactly what millions of helpless, innocent pre-born humans in imminent danger of murder by abortion do not need. Back in the time shortly after the infamous Roe V Wade decision of the 1970s I organized the former Operation Rescue here in RI. Three hundred of us “peacefully” sat in front of the entrance to the building located next to the present Mother of Life Center which was at that time an abortion facility. With the help and grace of many rosaries that facility is no longer in business. We life activists were carried off by the good police to the Providence jail where we were given the option of paying a $25 fine or doing 10 hours of community service.

I’m convinced that linking all life issues makes it near impossible to get 300 people to show up in peaceful protest at any such facility today. Too many pro-lifers have accepted the teaching that it’s just as important to “feed the hungry” or to “stop capital punishment” as it is to pay attention to the commandment “Thou Shall Not Kill.”

Our good Bishop Tobin draws a good crowd when he joins us at the abortion mill. Every effort to draw attention to the anguish of these precious little ones is a step to ending this modern day holocaust.

If it was okay to make an unjust law such as “Whites Only” at public facilities in our past, can anyone tell me why it’s acceptable to make pre-born babies (including black ones) someone’s choice to murder in today’s America the Beautiful?