Legalizing same-sex marriage does not make it right



Though profoundly disappointed with the recent passage of the same-sex "marriage" legislation in our state, I am not the least bit surprised at it.

Though I applaud the legislators who stood firm in the face of opposition and manifested their commitment to traditional values by their vote against, others continue to sacrifice truth on the altar of popular opinion, and base their decisions not on the common good, but on what in the eyes of the populace "feels" good. I take comfort in Bishop Tobin's recent letter to Rhode Island’s Catholics, stand with him, and will continue to speak out in support of traditional, sacramental marriage as God's divinely ordained institution against this immoral counterfeit.

I will likewise continue to pray for our legislators, emphasizing that legalizing same-sex "marriage" only grants it legal status; it does not make it right.

Deacon Costa Adamopoulos

Our Lady of Victory, Ashaway

St. Vincent de Paul, Bradford