Lasallians to hold Jesus in their hearts forever


A large banner featuring a portrait of St. John the Baptist de La Salle hangs from stage rafters at the Providence Performing Arts Center. Wearing gold, dove-shaped “believer pins” on their graduation gowns, 340 La Salle Academy graduates listen to Father Michael Najim offer the invocation at the school’s 143rd annual commencement ceremony last Thursday.

“St. John the Baptist de La Salle said, ‘wherever I go, I will find you, my God,’” Father Najim told the Class of 2014.

At the end of his presentation, Father Najim, who serves as chaplain of La Salle, as well as director of spiritual formation at Our Lady of Providence Seminary, proclaimed a well-known Lasallian prayer, “‘Live, Jesus, in our hearts,’” to which the students replied, ‘forever.’”

Throughout the evening, many other speakers also acknowledged St. John the Baptist and Lasallian values, including Brother Thomas Gerrow, F.S.C., president of the school, and Principal Donald J. Kavanagh, along with students, Naryan Murthy, 18, and Gianna Jasinski, 17.

Murthy and Jasinski are parishioners at St. Philip Parish in Greenville, as well as PEGASUS participants, meaning they took part in the school’s seventh and eighth grade “Program to Enhance the Gifts, Aptitudes and Skills of Unique Students.” The program seems to have paid off, as they are both members of the National Honor Society, and are planning to attend Brown University in the fall.

While Jasinski plans to study economics before heading to law school, Murthy, who had the highest grade point average of the class at 98.64, will focus on engineering.

“LaSalle has been vital to my development,” Murthy said in an interview with The Rhode Island Catholic, adding that the school helped him thrive academically, and also increased his connection to Christ. “God is present in everything we do.”

On a recent mission trip, he visited Camden, N.J., billed as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Despite the fact that it reportedly had the highest crime rate in the United States in 2012, Murthy picked up trash off the streets, helped a family who was evicted from their home relocate to a shelter, worked on housing projects and played cards with people who have AIDS.

That experience, he said, is just one example of how he’s lived his faith according to Lasallian principles, which his parents and educators taught him.

“We are grateful for all you have done for us,” Murthy said to them during the assembly.

Jasinski also expressed appreciation to teachers and members of the administration, who she said went to great lengths to enhance students’ lives. Whether setting up study sessions on weekends and vacations or giving up lunchtime and free periods to help students, they were providing educational assistance, as well as guidance rooted in the Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ.

“I’m going to miss the teachers and the community they’ve created the most,” Jasinski said in an interview. “I’ve formed so many memorable relationships with them, and they have always been there for me. They’ve instilled in us faith, love and a concern for others. It’s our job to take those values and help others.”

She elaborated on those sentiments during her speech. The school’s educators, Jasinski said, showed students love, not only through their words, but via their actions.

“Let us continue to nurture the values La Salle has instilled in us,” she said. “Don’t buy society’s definition of success. As Lasallians, we are called to do so much more…take up the challenge of forging an identity that transcends yourself.”

Her fellow graduate, John Manown, 18, a lacrosse player who recently broke his foot, has witnessed his classmates living the faith. Since becoming injured, he said people have been accommodating him and making sure he is comfortable. That sense of caring, Manown said, is what makes La Salle special.

“I feel lucky to be a part of such a great school,” he said.

Manown, a member of the National Honor Society and parishioner at Christ the King Church in South Kingstown, will be attending the University of Hartford to study criminal justice. He also plans to join the Navy, as several of his family members have served in the military.

“I always felt a calling to help people,” he said.

Alyssa DiMaio, 17, has that calling, too. She is looking forward to studying music therapy at Berklee College of Music, which according to its Website, teaches students in the music therapy program to use music to improve the quality of life of individuals with special needs, including children and adults with disabilities.

“Without faith, I wouldn’t have the drive or passion to want to help people in the way Jesus did,” said DiMaio, a parishioner at Warwick’s St. Gregory the Great Church.

Before the end of the ceremony, Auxiliary Bishop Robert C. Evans offered the Benediction. He asked God to “continue to guide these graduates of La Salle Academy as they begin to travel a new path,” adding, “may they always be imbued with Lasallian virtues, disciple and pride.”

Principal Kavanagh agreed.

“The La Salle way is the way we like it, and I think the majority of the students in this class love the way La Salle does things,” he said, telling graduates, “I hope you remember this night in a very positive way. I am so proud of this class.”

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La Salle Academy Class of 2014

*+Ruth Margaret Bugbee

+Andrew C. Cannata

*+Sophia Joyce Caprio

*+?Samantha Marie Creighton

*+?Daniel McAlpin Cryan

*+?Elizabeth Emma Hampson

*+Shannon Patricia Harrington

*+?Elise Eaton Hoy

*+Matthew K. Maroun

*+?Julia J. Munslow

*+?Naryan F. Murthy

*+Ryan Anthony St. Pierre

*+?Nicole E. Trupiano

*+?Kaitlin Leyden Walsh

*+?John Campagnone Wise

*+?Eric Zuberi

*+Jadesola O. Akanji

*+?Shioban Kiara Alicea

*+David Paul Allen

Russell Hebert Allen

Enrique Joel Alvarado

*+Daniel Amirault

+?Anthony Thomas Gabriel Anderson

*+Matthew Andrews

Megan Andrews

*+?Molly Kathryn Anthony

+Daniel H. Apajee

Julio C. Aragon, Jr.

*+Joshua G. Asencio

+Dimitri M. Ashby

Nicholas Edward Oliver Aubin

Ashley E. Augustin

+Eric Authelet

*+Steven Louis Avarista

*+Sydney Robinson Baker

*+Ellen E. Bamberg

+Nicholas J. Barone

+Toni-Anne Barry

Derek E. Belliard

Timothy N. Belliveau

Alexa Rae Benoit

*+Jude Allen Bernard

+Nicolas Alan Blackman

+May-Claire Davis Bodi

+Dominic Bolton

James E. Bondarevskis

*+Amanda C. Borzaro

+Stephanie Michelle Boudreau

Matthew T. Boudria

*+Jonathan Broughton Boyarsky

+Katherine Eileen Braganca

*+Christopher F. Breen

Samantha L. Brindamour

Ryan N. Brodeur

Angelica Rose Bruzzese

+Bianca Jill Bucci

*+Mia Nicole Bucco

*+Brooke L. Budway

+Ryan Paul Budzenski

+Kyle R. Buonaccorsi

+Alana B. Buontempo

?Lauren Anne Busteed

*+Robert M. Butler III

*+Danielle Marie Caddick

Karissa Kristina Cairo

*+Gian Joseph Calise

*+Sarah E. Campbell

*+Jeremy Robert Campo

Adriana Lucia Cancelliere

*+?Lisetta Vittoria Cannavaro

Kylie Elizabeth Capaldo

Nicholas L. Caparrelli

*+Alicia Patricia Caprio

Domenic Joseph Carbone

*+John M. Carpentier

*+Mariel E. Casali

*+Kathryn Ann Chalmers

*+Daniel Grant Checrallah

Wesley A. Chow

*+Kevin M. Chrones

John Anthony Cipolla, Jr.

*+Steven Anthony Cipolla

*+Antonia Marie Ciunci

*+Lindsey Ann Clegg

Alessandra Donna Colapietro

*+Sarah Elizabeth Collins

*+Jennifer Lynn Condon

+Charlie W. Conlan

Andrea Michelle Connell

*+?Arianna Marie Conte

+Stephen William Conti

+Olivia Theresa Coppola

+Alexander Bryan Cote

+Sophie E. Cram

+Noelle O. Crouchley

Elizabeth R. Crowell

+Alexa Julia Cunha

David Martin Rush Cusack

+Jake Victor D’Amico

+Christopher J. Dandeneau

*+Tyler Q. Davey

*+Courtney Dawless

*+Rosemary Joy Murphy Dean

*+Alicia Nicole DeCastro

*+Scott Brian Deffley

*+?Brianna Jane Delamare

Savanna Leigh Delos

*+?Nicholas Paul DeLuca

*+?Matthew Sidney DeQuattro

Paul Ardashes DerAnanian, Jr.

Peter Joseph DeSimone

Yeidy Maria Diaz

*+Mitchell R. DiCenso

+Alyssa Ann DiMaio

Nicholas Peter Dion

Kathleen Ann Dohoney

*+Katherine E. Dolan

+Kayleigh Shayne Donahue

Georgie Lynn Drew

Jake M. Dubis

*+Mackenzie Erin Duffy

*+Matthew S. Eddy

+Alexandra Lee Elliott

*+?Jacqueline S. Esmay

*+Alicia Rose Evans

*+?Caroline Mary Falvey

Kyle A. Farley

Naika Resia Fenelon

Juan Francisco Fernandez, Jr.

+Ryan C. Ferranti

*+Lindsay Jean Ferrieri

*+Jake C. Finan

+Daniel E. Fiorenzano

+Kyle T. Flanagan

+Alexandra Natalia Folgo

*+Gregory F. Forgue

*+?Sabrina Ashley Fowler

+Matthew David Fox

*+?John Dominic Fracasso

*+?Driston R. Galvao

+Emma Joy Galvin

*+Nasly P. Gattas

*+Noah Raymond Gemma

Steven Richard Gervasio

*+?Moez H. Ghumman

*+?Shmyle Ghumman

*+Erin M. Gill

+Jocelin Hannah Giorgio

Brandon James Giroux

*+?Tatiana Melissa Golditch

+Troy Gonsalves

+Cristian Goris

*+Evan C. Greene

Sean Devin Greene

Padraig Timothy Griffin

*+Victoria Susan Hague

+Alexander James Handanyan

Kristen Lauren Hanlon

*+Veronica Marie Hardy

*+Douglas Quinn Harrison

+Kailey Marie Hart

*+Matthew Marcus Holt

*+Katie Alexis Hopkins

*+?Cynthia LeiAloha Horikawa

+Peter Drake Howard

+Holly Cassidy Huntoon

Nicholas Anthony Iadeluca

Ryan Anthony Izzo

*+Sean O’Heelan Jacobs

*+Alyssa Marie Jacolucci

*+Christopher Graham James

*+Samuel A. James

*+Hannah Lisa Jannitto

Christopher J. Jaquith

*+?Gianna Marie Jasinski

*+?Mallory Pyne Johnson

+Corbin Douglas Johnston

Amanda Megan Cara Joyal

*+Amanda Ashley Keefe

+Eibhlin C. Kelly

*+Liam Sean Kelly

*+?Samantha Nicole King

Miron Kiselev

Hakeem O. Kushimo

*+Alexandra Doris Laflamme

Adrian La Fleur

*+Regina Ines LaPietra

*+Katelyn Rose Larisa

+Samantha Susan Larivee

Giancarlo B. Lavall

+William P. Lawton IV

*+?Matthew Ryan Leal

*+Alexis LeBeau

+Bryan Anthony Lemos

*+Ilaria Paola Lentrichia

Melina Lentrichia

Brendan Lippe

Victoria R. Lombardo

Javier Leonardo Lopez

Bienveni Loua

*+?Tara Alicia Louis-Jean

+MaryRose Lucas

*+Ryan W. Lynch

Mario J. Macera

Kaitlyn R. Maiorisi

*+Caitlin Sara Maloney

Gian Paulo Mancini

*+John Manown

Gina Avril Martin

*+Iyana Martin

*+Eric M. Martinez

John Patrick Martino

+Connor John Mathis

*+Talia Gabriella Matrumalo

*+Sean C. Mattingly

Kendall McCartney

Connor William McCourt

+Stephen C. McGrath

Taylor M. McKenna

*+Kelly B. McPhillips

*+?Shanti M. Mechery

*+?Gregory D. Medeiros

Miguel S. Medeiros

*+Amanda N. Menard

Joseph R. Mercadante

+Nicholas Mercurio

*+Jessica A. Miele

*+Briana Morgado

Alexis N. Morrison

*+Emma Sarah Nassaney

*+Joseph J. Navarrete

*+Alexa N. Nero

+Khoa Anh Nguyen

*+Magdalini A. Nikolaidis

Amy E. Nocera

*+Christiana Pius Nocera

*+William G. Norton-Bliss

+David L. Nunes

*+Brigid M. O’Connor

Patrick R. O’Garr

*+Emma S. Orton

Victoria R. Otis

*+John V. Packhem

Alexander M. Padilla

*+Nicole Andrianna Pallozzi

Gianni Vincent Paolo

*+Carlene Elise Pare

*+Amanda M. Parker

Gregory Parrillo

+Gina Marie Pate

*+Mackenzie Pedro

+Katherine Pena

+Stephen A. Pereira

Lauren Marie Pezzuco

Zachary M. Pichette

Ethan Pierce

William Edward Pikula

*+Carla Arminda Pineyro

+Alyssa M. Pingitore

Robert R. Plouffe, Jr.

*+Molly E. Powers

*+Katelyn L. Primmer

+Lindsey Rae Pusyka

Brendan Quinn

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Anthony Joseph Rampone

Nicholas J. Raposa

*+Nicholas D. Read

John Edward Rebello IV

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Carol Amelia Rizzotti

*+Alison M. Rodin

*+Katherine Manning Rogers

*+John P. Rose

*+Megan Susan Rotondo

Kirsten Erin-Marie Roy

*+Carmen Jeannette Russo

*+Gabriella Marie Sanchez

*+?Adianna Lilia San Lucas

+Matthew J. Santoro

+Kimberly Danielle Savickas

Chad Thomas Sawyer

+Eve Katherine Scampoli

+Zachary F. Searle

*+Daniel A. Shaker

Caroline Shannon

*+Clare Maura Sharkey

+Basher K. Siddique

Mishal Siddiqui

Drew Joseph Edward Silveira

+Olivia Serena Skaltsis

*+?Benjamin Henry Smith

*+Noah Alexander Smith

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Nicholas A. Soares

*+?Cameron David St. Germain

*+?Christopher Richard Stabile

*+?Erica Maria Stad

*+Savannah Breyon Stewart

Jonathan A. Stringfellow, Jr.

+Levi J. Swanson

+Charles Joseph Swenson

+Daniel Anthony Sylvia

*+Yichun Tang

*+Luke Hines Telang

Lauren J. Thurston

Trevor M. Torres

*+Elizabeth Catherine Trainor

+Madison Nicole Travisono

*+Alexa Tribelli

*+Giana M. Valelli

+Onassis Romeo Valerio

*+Louis Varrichione V

Jay C. Verma

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+Frank Vygoder

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Thomas E. Walsh

+Melynda Rae Warburton

Michael P. Wasylyk

*+Samantha Rose Webb

Isaiah Weeden-Woodard

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+Olivia Reiko Weltin

*+?Adrian Francis Werner

+Henry Wheeler-Mackta

Noah Williams

+Amanda Wilson

Keon Wilson

*+Aaron Wolfang

+Zonglin Yang

Abdul Jeleel Yussuf

+Maria Zarokostas

*+Lindsey B. Zuckerman

*+ Paige B. Zuckerman

* National Honor Society

+ R.I. Honor Society

?PEGASUS Participant

?Perfect Attendance

La Salle