La Salle graduates told to ‘change the world for the good’

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PROVIDENCE —“Where did the time go?” Ms. Christian M. Young asked rhetorically as she delivered the welcoming address at La Salle Academy’s 139th commencement ceremony at the Cathedral of SS. Peter & Paul on June 10.

But she easily accounted for much of that time by noting all of the good works the students did over the last four years for their school, the community and the world as they reached out in projects such as Mustard Seed, helping the less fortunate, all done in the tradition of St. John Baptiste de La Salle.

“Jesus does live in our hearts,” said Young, of Cranston, who will be attending the University of Rhode Island this fall where she will study physical therapy.

Michael H. Danielewicz delivered the student address. He told his fellow graduates that what they achieved together in their years at La Salle has made them an indelible part of their school.

“We have become, in only a few short years, part of the fabric of La Salle Academy,” said Danielewicz, who along with fellow senior Christopher M. Piette was awarded a National Merit Scholarship this year. Both will attend Brown University this fall, beginning a special eight-year pre-med and medical school program at the university that admits only about 60 students each year from around the world.

Danielewicz spoke of how students have indeed received something very valuable in return for the hard work and dedication they gave to their school.

“We, as Lasallians, have received something available to relatively few other students in modern times: an education based on faith in Jesus Christ, an education based on generosity, an education based on the philosophy of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the man whose name and identity are no longer mysteries to us, the man whose vision lives on in every classroom, every Christian Brother, every administrator and every teacher at La Salle Academy,” Danielewicz said.

La Salle President Brother Michael McKenery told the graduates to live their lives for the good and to live, breathe and accept their moving on to the next phases in their lives.

“Your corner of the sky awaits you, now fly,” he said.

All the givens have changed he told them, noting how the graduates are entering a world of “uncertainty and moral confusion.”

“If you intend to change the world, change it for the good,” Brother McKenery said.

Of the school’s 327 graduates, 326 are bound for higher education, while one will serve their country in the military.

Catherine Costakos, of Scituate, said she felt she was fully prepared to go out into that world and do something to change it for the better.

This fall, she is off to Boston University, where she will study political science in preparation for a career in law.

Nicholas Famiglietti, of Coventry, will study medical engineering at the University of Rhode Island this fall.

“I really enjoyed my time at La Salle,” he said. “It’s been probably the best four years of my life.”


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*+• Dylan J. Clemens

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