La Salle Academy was a ‘second home’ to students


PROVIDENCE — The setting in the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul was a glorious one as 333 La Salle Academy seniors, clad in maroon robes with white trim took their places of honor during their graduation On June 6.

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Samuel L. Davey, a La Salle graduating senior who addressed the large audience that packed the pews at the cathedral, said his fellow graduates showed "remarkable dedication" to the Catholic faith and their studies.

Davey, a member of the Rhode Island and National Honor Societies, also said he had never experienced a community like the one he encountered at La Salle and called for the parents and relatives in attendance to be recognized for supporting his fellow classmates.

Gianna A. Notarianni, a graduating senior who also addressed the gathering, said La Salle helped her class learn to find God in their everyday lives.

"And they helped us realize that without [God], nothing is possible," said Notarianni, also a member of the National and Rhode Island Honor Societies.

The evening was a "surreal experience," said Eric C. Fortier, as he proudly clutched his La Salle diploma in his hand.

"I'm going to miss my friends, the great teaching staff and the whole La Salle community," said Fortier, 18, a Coventry resident and Rhode Island Honor Society member who plans to study biochemistry at Philadelphia University.

Like many of his fellow La Salle Academy graduates, Fortier reflected on how his four years at the Catholic high school founded by the De La Salle Christian Brothers formed him into a well-rounded student.

"They taught me how to be a respectful young man," Fortier said while trying to connect with his family outside the cathedral following the graduation ceremony.

Lauren A. Forti, 18, of Lincoln, a Rhode Island Honor Society member, could relate. She will be moving on to college in upstate New York to study game design.

"The teachers here really care about the kids," Forti said. "They help you appreciate the importance of having integrity in your work and taking a lot of pride in what you do."

La Salle chaplain Father Michael Najim offered the invocation and Providence Auxiliary Bishop Robert C. Evans offered the benediction.

Brother Thomas Gerrow, F.S.C., said he had great affection for the Class of 2013 in that it was the first class that he had the honor to award diplomas for since becoming La Salle president. He reminded the graduates that true happiness is found in the integration of a person's spiritual and daily lives.

Chad A. Verdi, Jr., 18, of East Greenwich, said he learned that lesson in his time at La Salle.

"La Salle was like a second home. It's a great school with great teachers. I'm going to miss them and all my friends," said Verdi, who will attend the University of Denver this fall.

Ricardo A. Castillo, 18, of Providence, will attend the College of Mount St. Vincent in New York to study business management.

"I'm relieved to be stepping into the real world," said Castillo, adding that La Salle teachers taught him the importance of "never falling behind" in work.

"And always stay on top of your schedule," Castillo said.

Lindsey Clark, 18, of North Smithfield, said she felt a sense of accomplishment in graduating from La Salle. She plans to study marketing at Community College of Rhode Island and then transfer to a four-year school.

"It was a challenge to get through some of the classes. The teachers could be really hard," said Clark, who noted that the school also instilled values and taught her to be a "good person."

Notarianni, one of the students who spoke to the gathering during the ceremony, said La Salle would always be there for the graduates even as they are now alumni.

"We will all miss the academy," Notarianni said, "but we will always have our home at 612 Academy Avenue."

LaSalle Academy Class of 2013

Ben M. Abbatematteo

Sarah Nicole Achille

Rachael Elisabeth Adler

Temidayo J. Akinjisola

Asher Akinola

Alexa Cristina Amalfitano

Corinne Kelsey Amaral

Nimindu B. Ambalangodage

Marco Amendola

Martha Andrade

Ivana Maria Andrews

Megan Rose Andriole

Franklin Thomas Angevine

Kimberly Jean Ascoli

Brian C. Aucoin

Benjamin Michael Averill

Christopher Ballirano

Martin K. Bannerman, Jr.

Saage W. Baptista

Amanda Rose Bartolini

Sarah-Rose Beatrice

Katie A. Benoit

Scott A. Benson

Joseph A. Bernardo, Jr.

Samuel A. Bibeault

Nicholas A. Birtles

Liam P. Blank

Mark Anthony Bocchini

Reid K. Boehm

Matthew Joseph Botieri

Victoria Barrett Bouchard

Brendon Robert Bovill

Shawn Brailsford

Jonathan James Brasil

Kyle Patrick Brassil

Miranda Leigh Breault

Sophia Fei Mao Breggia

Eric Stephen Brown

Jairan H. Brown

Michaela Louise Burns

Joseph Robert Byrd

Peter Matthew Campellone

John Carlos Capellan

Alyssa Emily Capuano

Anthony James Cardillo

Emily Erin Carranza

Taryn L. Carreiro

Nicholas Carroll

Christopher J. Casey

Ricardo A. Castillo

Michael Ryan Catarina

Brittany Margaret Cavaco

Zachary Thomas Chapasko

Robert Andrew Checani

Adam Paul Chelminski

Taylor Jean Chelo

Becky Chen

Drew Alexander Chretien

Lindsey Clark

Michael David Clark

Victoria Cheryl Colapietro

Grace Jeanette Cole

Sara Marie Colgan

Maya Collier

Antonio E. Conte

Nicholas Bryan Coppola

Max Richard Couto

Robert Coutu

Samuel Ari Cowan

Alexander J. Croce

Kaleigh Marie Crowell

Elena Benedicta Curran

Hannah N. Curran

William D’Amico

Rachel Catherine Daniel

Elizabeth Marie DaPonte

Mitchell R. DaSilva

Samuel Louis Davey

McKenzie Elizabeth Davis

Alexandra J. De La Zerda

Alysha M. DeCrescenzo

Nicolas Gian DeFruscio

Ariana A. DeFusco

Joseph Michael DeLeo

Jason Michael Delisle

Maxine Marie DeLuise

Jeffrey Alexander DiIorio

Jacquelynn Mae DiMuccio

Jeffrey Alexander DiRocco

Kevin Matthew Divver

Ashley A. Donnelly

Andrew Michael Dunn

Priscilla Caroleina Dunphy

Curtis Earl Dyer

Emily Ann Dzilenski

Kevin William Ennis

Emma Susan Fague

Brooke Alexandra Fairbrothers

Nicholas James Farren

Nicole Elizabeth Fayne

Jonathan R. Feenstra

Yesennia Isabel Fernandez

Rachael E. Fleming

Jose S. Flores

Joshua A. Foglia

Amber Lynn Folan

Sydney Victoria Formicola

Lauren Alexandra Forti

Eric Christopher Fortier

Taylor M. Fortune

Patrick Reilly Foster

Anthony Francis

Kaitlynn Marie Franco

Brooke E. Friday

Christian Garcia

Matthew P. Gardiner

Caleb M. Gardner

John M. Georges

Seth Austin Gergel

Alexandria Gervelis

Mario G. Gianfrancesco, Jr.

Timothy R. Giblin

Catherine Elizabeth Glavin

Jake Helm Guglielmetti

Zaryah Joyce-Ann Guyton

Emily Margaret Hamilton

Briana Lynn Hanson

Mark Jacob Harpootian

Erin Mary Harrington

Kelsey Elizabeth Harrold

Abbey Lyn Haynes

Patrick Joseph Healey

William David Hendrix

Haig S. Hengen

André Herrera

Richard Paul Herzig

Kirstyn Lee Hopkins

Corey James Hourahan

Alexander James Howard

Karoline Elizabeth Inman

Louis P. Izzo

Alyssa Lee Jacavone

Matthew John Jacavone

Kaitlyn Flynn Jackson

Alexis Nicole Jacober

Evelyn Marie Jansen

Blake D. Jardin

Christopher Robert Jeffrey

Grace Elizabeth Jeffrey

Sojeong Jun

Erin Christian Kane

Cedric Nicolas Kenney

Jason P. Khang

Tiana Renee Kibbe

Christopher Frederick Kilsey

Elizabeth Morgan King

Ryan A. Kirtlink

Yevgeniy Konstantinovich Klinovskiy

Rachel Cook Koller

Lauren Ashley Kowalski

Andrew Robert Mathew Roy LaCroix

Romer A. Lagrange

David Leo Laliberte

India Clarke Lamboy

Zaire E.D. Lambright

Amy Kathryn Landi

John M. Laurie

Amy Rose Lavigne

Robin Diamond Lee

Victoria Madeleine Lee

Steven David Lefebvre

Linda Lin

Alyssa Marie Loffredo

Marco Nicola Lomazzo

Benjamin R. Long

Thomas John Long

Richard H. Lonks

Diana Lourenco

Justin Michael Lynch

Danielle J. Marie MacInnis

Lionelha Martin Macomber

David Angelo Mainville

Katherine Rose Maiorisi

Jennifer E. Mannix

Amy L. Manzo

Philip Michael Marchetti

Caitlin Louise Marino

Kristin M. Marsella

Francheska Marie Marte

Reese Nicholas Martilli

Gregory T. Martin

Jonathan J. McGinn

John L. McKenna II

Kristen N. McMahon

Allison Paula Mello

James Philip Mello

Allyson Hope Messier

Ashlynne Faith Messier

Arianna Elizabeth Miele

Nicholas G. Migliori

Humza R. Mirza

Danielle M. Mongeau

Victoria Anne Montagano

Brianna Lynn Montecalvo

Jordan Allyn Moore

Connor J. Morenzi

Sarah J. Morin

Joshua L. Morris

Isabella Ann Mosca

Michael D. Muench

Andrew M. Mulvey

Mikayla E. Murphy

Michael J. Nadeau

Gabrielle R. Naylor

Taylor Bethany Nelson

Nhi Nguyen

Elizabeth D. Nigro

Gianna A. Notarianni

Erica Gail O’Connell

Brady R. O’Donnell

Kaitlyn O’Donnell

Cody Ondrick

Leah C. O’Neill

Andrew K. Ong

Faith O. Osinaga

Annemarie Ottaviani

Joseph S. Pacheco

Katherine M. Packhem

Rachel S. Padilla

Serena Palleschi

Vasiliki N. Panteleakis

Michael S. Paquin

Jake J. Parkhouse

Daniel S. Pasto

Allison Faye Perron

Damian T. Perrotta

Gabrielle R. Pesaturo

Theodore Petrecca III

Kyle M. Pezzelli

Victoria S. Piccirillo

Biannette Pichardo

Ryan Pickering

Bianca Jody Pierre

Amanda Marie Pitocco

Hannah Mary Poirier

Thomas Alexander Pontikes

Sara Catherine Poor

Monica Lynn Prudencio

Matthew James Quinn

Mara Elizabeth Quinn

Robert Francis Quirk

Kennedy Ariana Rachiele

Andrew Avery Ragosta

Nathan Walter Ray

Erica Giovanna Rebussini

Adam Joseph Rego

Sydney Rose Resendes

Nicholas Jordan Restivo

Francesca Marie Ricci

Francesca Nicole Ricci

Sarah Jessica Ricci

Rebecca Rose Richardson

Hayley Elizabeth Roberts

Brooke Elizabeth Robison

Stephen Nicholas Rocchio

Joshua Guadalope Rodriguez

Christopher Bartholomew Rogers

Sarah Anne Rohrman

Austin Philip Rooke

Courtney Elizabeth Roque

Alyssa Ashley Rose

Christopher Robert Ryan

Luke Steven Saccoccio

Jessica Maria Salvadore

Marissa Mullins Salvati

Alexander Sao Bento

Erin Lynn Sayles

Remi Leigh Scarcella

Morgan R. Schmitt

Amanda L. Schofield

Briana Rian Scichilone

Rebecca M. Silva

Zachary S. Silva

Charlotte M. Slota

Haley M. Smith

Nicholas C. Smith

Jeni Rose Soucie

David Michael Spinella, Jr.

Alexis Lee Spino

Jennifer R. Spirito

Christina M. Stephens

Michael L. Stephens

Victoria L. Stephens

Kaela Sullivan

Karolyn J. Sundberg

Justin Peter Sweeney

Randi L. Tella

Matthew A. Terry

Christopher Alfred Testa

Jared Charles Thompson

Luke Richard Thompson

Wilnys Sherling Thompson

John Ander Thorsen

Austin M. Tingley

Danielle V. Tocco

Brianah Starr Torrens

Nicholas Toth

Samantha Marie Travelyn

Jessica R. Trupiano

Anna L. Tumber

Evan R. Turner

Victoria A. Varone

Austin Nino Vasconcelos

Gauri Vasudevan

Luis Armando Velez

Annie Maeve Venditti

Kyle A. Verbeyst

Chad A. Verdi, Jr.

David Michael Villiard

Allison Lauren Vitullo

Robert Volk

Alexandra Rose Volpe

Cameron Edward Walsh

Shane Patrick Cocco Watterson

Connor Joseph Weathers

Steven Richard West II

James Thomas Chester Whittle

Monica Elizabeth Wiant

Daniel James Wise

Jessica Lynn Woodbine

Caitlin Elizabeth Wray

Brianna Jean Yanke

Jack Colvin Young

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