Judas wasn’t the only one to betray Jesus



Now that we are fast approaching "Holy Week," perhaps we could tone down the rhetoric where we all join the side of perfection and continually make Judas out, as if he were the only one who betrayed Christ.

We all should take a good look in the mirror at ourselves and let those who have never betrayed Christ cast the first stone at Judas. It seems to me, that by condemning Judas as the lone betrayer, we have allowed ourselves off the hook. It is so much easier to place guilt on someone else rather than admitting our own. I wonder how many have really taken the time to dwell on those final hours of Judas' life, once his conscience began to question what he had just done. He hastily goes back to the authorities in an attempt to give back the thirty pieces of silver, for he now realizes what he has done and wishes to undo the evil that he has caused.

When those in power would not accept his repentance, he is depressed, despondent and frightened and so mentally wore down hat he takes his own life. Now compare that scenario to us.

We constantly betray Christ, only for us we get new life, time after time, simply by secretly confessing our guilt and wham, our guilt is gone and our conscience is clear, at least until we betray Jesus again. Poor Judas did not have this forgiving confessional at his disposal. Imagine how we might feel if we did not have it.

John P. Lynch

North Smithfield