It is distasteful to require seat contributions to attend Mass



When I receive my enveloped for Church contributions in the mail each month, I automatically discard the top one which is designated for seat contribution. It really annoys me because Mass is not a movie nor a stage production; we should not be asked to pay for our seats when attending Mass.

When I was a youngster, I can remember a small table that was set up in the church entry for people to put down some money (usually about 50 cents) before walking in. An usher was usually standing by the table. I never gave any thought at the time — it was just something we did.

As an adult, however, I find it very distasteful to pay to attend Mass. I think that envelopes should be done away with.

I also have reservations about flower contributions requested (by envelope) for Easter and Christmas. I know some parishioners like to donate flowers at these times in memory of their loved ones. This could be done on an individual basis, as desired. The church, however, should be able to provide the flowers on these special feast days. Maybe the sanctuary wouldn’t be so replete with an overabundance of lilies and poinsettias, but is that really necessary for making a beautiful presentation for these feasts?

Madelein A. Sohl, Cranston