In this election season remember God’s most basic laws


To the Editor:

Being a Christian and a member of the Human Life Guild in the Diocese of Providence, I feel a responsibility to speak up during the presidential election year.

In these days of doubt, confusion and uncertainty in this troubled world, we as voters need to seriously think and ponder the words of each presidential candidate when listening to their debates and speeches before voting. There is much at stake to consider: God, family, country and world.

Some candidates in this political race are ignoring God’s basic laws by taking a wrong position on one or more issues such as abortion and marriage. This will advance immoral legislation that will not promote the common good of the people. We need to do our part to make a difference by selecting a pro-life candidate who has faith in God to make the right decision in law-making that will strengthen our hope.

It is essential to have a strong and fearless president who upholds laws to protect traditional family values and protect the unborn created by God.

A well-informed Christian conscience will guide a person to decide what is right or wrong regarding key moral issues such as trust in the moral teachings of the church.

Our hearts and minds must not be closed to God’s commandments. In doing so, it will not be difficult to fulfill our civic duty to vote. God will bless you for making the right choice when selecting the president of the United States.

Elizabeth Watts