Hollywood’s Partisanship Quickens its Irrelevance


For the few who watch, Hollywood award ceremonies ideally offer a retreat from partisan politics. In the days when a Catholic bishop could win an Emmy, these broadcasts once maintained an appropriate humility in their political ambivalence. After all, good film and television often transcend party divides. Sadly, plenty of Hollywood’s elite disregarded even the semblance of impartiality at the Golden Globes last week.
Chief among them was Michelle Williams and her distorted vision of human freedom. In a bizarre twist to thanking her family, Ms. Williams found it opportune to also celebrate her legal “choice” to terminate a human life. Her remarks reveal the sinister intentions at the heart of the abortion lobby: uninhibited autonomy to take a human life, no matter what the circumstances. The mantra of “safe, legal and rare” has moved to a celebration of destroying babies in the womb. Many pro-choice advocates usually try to mitigate their position with word scrambles about “health” or “privacy,” knowing that the truth frightens even sympathetic listeners.
Ms. Williams feigned no pretense in her remarks, adopting a new Machiavellian boldness. “Vote in your own self-interest,” she counseled. This no longer comes as a surprise. New York lit up its skyscrapers after it passed some of the most barbaric abortion legislation in 2019. But it may indeed come as a surprise to Ms. Williams and her fellow elites that the politicization of their remarks could render awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes meaningless. American viewers will simply change the channel. They are fed up with the patronizing they receive from the artists they pay to watch. The blatant disregard for human life will only hasten Hollywood’s irrelevance.