Games People Play


The entertainment firm, Rovio, recently announced that it would close its London gaming studio after poor sales this past Christmas. Rovio is best known for its innovative video game, Angry Birds. The game hatched a hit movie in 2016. Angry Birds draws the player into the epic struggle of our feathered friends, fighting desperately to save their eggs from green pigs. After delighting children and adults for years, though, the product no longer attracts the same attention. There is not much of a market out there for Angry Birds anymore.

There is one game genre, however, that continues to dominate the market: first-person shooter. People shooting people, that is where the money is. The nation’s top video game right now is Call of Duty: WWII. Since 2003, Call of Duty has grossed over $15 billion. Those lovable, colorful birds could never even dream of making that kind of cash! Call of Duty boasts of such top-selling titles as Modern Warfare, World at War and Advanced Warfare. One title with dogmatic implications is Infinite Warfare. Infinite is a word theologians use to describe heaven, the Trinity and the mercy of God. Theologically speaking, infinite war would be an accurate description of hell.

In the wake of school shootings and so much violence across our great nation, we do well to take a closer look at where our attention and devotion has gone. We are made for the infinite. Either we give ourselves completely to God, whose mercy is boundless, or we commit ourselves to a losing game.