Faith, not money, characterizes Catholicity


To the Editor:

In the 2 July issue, you printed Mr. Miller’s letter calling Bishop Tobin “spiteful.”

Bishop Tobin has made clear his issue with Notre Dame: Do they represent the best ideals of the Catholic Church, are they really Catholic, or not? Mr. Miller offers nothing to show that Notre Dame is, indeed, Catholic. Mr. Miller does nothing to show that Bishop Tobin is acting anything else but purely rational in deciding not to write letters of recommendation. When people have no facts or no reasonable argument, they often insult the opposition by saying their position is drawn from hate, racism, or “spite” – as Mr. Miller does.

His major point seems to be that the money the school draws shows the Bishop ought to support them, but money has nothing what-so-ever to do with being Catholic. Unfortunately, many Catholics are influenced by money. I salute Bishop Tobin on acting on a higher, more Godly, level.

Brian Gardner