Education of youths on marriage important



I was present at a recent presentation by Carol Owens from the Diocese of Providence, Dr. Paul Gondreau of Providence College and Christopher Plante with the Nation Organization for Marriage at Bishop Hendriken High School.

It was a refreshing discussion and long over due conversation among the freshman class. There was a brief presentation followed by an opportunity for the young people to express their thoughts and questions. On the contrary, many of our public secondary schools have sanctioned gay and lesbian groups, actively recruiting members and challenging our teens and sometime preteens to come out and support their cause.

Marriage has been an institution that reflected age tested societal norms and values: procreation of children and educating them in the ways of the community. Unfortunately for many years now our young and older neighbors alike have been led astray, victims of propaganda proclaiming marriage is a civil right by which they are granted certain rights and protection of the state. A student of our U.S. history should not make this mistake. Marriage never has been nor is it a civil right. Just because a group claims it to be, doesn’t make it so.

Traditionally, opportunities or benefits granted to married couples were an investment for societal gain. Many studies have documented that children raised by their biological parents realize greater benefits back to community while children of broken and non- traditional families statistically and general speaking place a greater burden on society and social systems. This is not a judgment of those families who found themselves to be non-tradition by either death, divorce or remarriage. They are trying to make the most of unfortunate situations as best they can and should be commended for that.

I applaud the continuation of this discussion as part of our educational curriculum since our increasing relativistic society has had the attention of our young people for a generation. I would also like to think the parents who are investing significant resources to assist them in educating their children in the faith through Catholic Education would also be pleased. Perhaps these students can be encouraged to take the discussion back to their neighbors as well.

There is a lot of work to be done.


Pastor, Christ the King,

West Warwick