Letter to the editor

Editorial should not personally denigrate the attorney general



I find it ironic that four pages after a article in the March 1 edition of The Providence Visitor, entitled "The undoing of mean-spiritedness," there appears an editorial that includes personal commentary on Atty. Gen. Patrick Lynch.

Your editorial very clearly calls Atty. Gen. Lynch "young and brash," adjectives I assume not meant in a positive way. Yet, the aforementioned article contains the admonition: "What this world needs is a strong dose of the messages Jesus came to give us and leave with us. Top of the list: Love one another, every day."

Did Jesus leave us with the message that personal attacks are OK? What if Atty. Gen. Lynch were to respond that the editors of The Providence Visitor were "old and unyielding?" Would that be in keeping with Jesus' message?

Regardless of the merits of the arguments for or against gay marriage, may I suggest that your editorials keep on message and not drift off to disparaging remarks about those who might deign to hold an opposing view.

Candace Cain Seel

East Providence

(This letter originally appeared in The Providence Visitor)