Dig deeper into allegations before publishing them



I would like to comment on the editorial “The Dignity of Women” in the Oct. 19 edition. The first line speaks about healing being painful, but the editorial continues without explaining who has to heal and how they should go about it. I find that odd. The recent news about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is terrible. But the editorial avoids the evil of covering up his deeds, it avoids speaking to the greed and ambition that lead women to go along with his abuse. That many “powerful” people covered his actions up should have been included. The story should have been about the failings, the sin, of both genders. That actress Alyssa Milano used a hashtag is not evidence. No matter how many responded, it is evidence of nothing, but a general feeling. Catholics need to dig deeper into allegations before publishing them. We are called to respect the truth, not support narratives. Talk about pain and hurt, unsupported allegations cause just that.

Brian Gardner, Jamestown