‘Culture of Death’ destroying America from within



Make no mistake about it America, action has to be taken into the aftermath of the horrific school shootings in Florida. I fully agree that tougher gun laws, stricter background checks and more mental health screening are needed to help curb this scourge on America’s society. Unfortunately, tougher laws still won’t eradicate these massacres of our young people.

The core problem behind all these horrible events is the “Culture of Death” our government has created. What does our country expect when our government has taken prayer out of our schools and pushed God aside in our culture! The result is a huge void which is being filled with the Evil One’s destructive voices.

“We the People” of America need to get back to what our nation was founded on: God and praying. If our nation is to survive, the culture of America has to change, otherwise we will continue to live in a world with no boundaries, which will lead to more evil deeds like the one in the Florida high school.

God help us!

Richard D. Walsh, East Greenwich