Committing to ending war is an unrealistic expectation



In the 24 May R.I. Catholic, Tony Magliano wrote “Commit yourself to ending war this Memorial Day.” I believe it is difficult for me to commit to doing something, anything, that requires others to cooperate. Every commitment I make – that involves others – can fail, due to no fault of my own.
While Tony sees Memorial Day’s purpose is to “honor combatants killed,” I respectfully disagree. It isn’t in dying that one achieves honor, it is in giving one’s life for an honorable goal. Rather a lot like Jesus did.
I share the sentiment Tony has… gosh, if only wishing a thing would make it so! But a mature understanding of the world that God created asks us not to wish, but to act. And Catholic teaching is that there is quite likely to be sacrifice if one follows God and stands to defend good. One might even be called to die…
All the statistics Tony quotes prove that there is evil in the world to take action against, rather than hide from.
Does Tony know the story of David? He went to war – against overwhelming odds – honored his God and won. That is what Memorial Day is about. Strength and conviction. While many fear a fight… David did not.

Brian Gardner, Jamestown