Catholics must do more to respect all human life without exception


To the Editor:

I am so pleased to see people focused on the sanctity of life and the fact that abortion is evil. It will be a much better world when abortion is spoken in past tense.

Yet I question the seriousness of the Catholic church to respect and protect every human life. If they truly did recognize the value and significance of every person, there would be equal outrage against capital punishment, pre-emptive war, and the meager effort to end the starvation and disease that claims thousands of innocent lives every day.

I am appalled at the near-silence with respect to these issues. Is an aborted life more valuable than an infant dying from malnutrition? More valuable than someone on death row being deprived the chance for God to use his redemptive power to change his heart and heal his soul? More valuable than the tens of thousands who lost their lives due to a war that should never have happened?

So many Catholics remain silent while the dead bodies pile up and yet ignorance isn't an excuse for us to use. Pope John Paul II made his voice clear that it was wrong, and that voice remains one of the few speaking the Catholic conscience to the world.

I will take the Right to Life movement of Catholics seriously when they begin to truly value the life of every individual and not just a select few. Every person is a child of God and it is our sacred duty to protect every one with the power of the church and its constituents.

We pray at Mass, "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven “ It’s time we truly acted on those words.

Robert Midura