Catholic Communication Campaign Collection is June 10-11


PROVIDENCE — Today, technology provides instant communications into virtually every home on the planet. The Church is striving to use all of the modern means of communicating. The means are there at our disposal, but the dollar costs are very high. That is why the annual Catholic Communication Campaign Collection is so important. The CCC supports national and local initiatives to Connect Your World with God’s Word through the mass media.

In the Diocese of Providence, the Office of Communications leads the diocese’s internal and external communication initiatives to ensure the Catholic Church’s priorities here in Rhode Island are effectively expressed in a variety of ways between Church leadership, parishes, schools, the public and the media.

The existence of every program and ministry in the Church depends on effective communications and with donations from the faithful, the work of the CCC is possible. This continued support ensures the availability and existence of communications that promotes Gospel values and fosters the pastoral teachings of the Catholic Church.

Contributions from the Catholic Communication Campaign Collection here in the diocese enable the Communications Office to share the Good News everyday through the internet, social media, diocesan newspaper, cable television and much more.

• News and more on the user-friendly diocesan web site, (

• Locally produced Catholic television programs airing on the Rhode Island Catholic Hour on Tuesdays, 9:00 am and 9:00 pm, Cable TV (Cox Ch. 14, Verizon Ch. 33 and Full Channel 14)

• The diocesan newspaper, RI Catholic (; on Facebook catholicri)

• On Facebook – keywords dioprov/bishoptobin

• Mobile App is free and can be downloaded on the Apple Store or Google Play

• On Twitter (ricatholic)

• On YouTube (ricatholic)

• Free monthly electronic newsletter (send an email to join:

• Collaborative broadcast and print efforts with parishes and agencies sharing their “good news”

• Public relations support for parishes and agencies

Nationally, CCC funds made possible the coverage of Pope Francis’ visit to the United States in 2015, also media campaigns supporting marriage, television documentaries, reflections on daily readings from the bible and much more.

Please be as generous as possible in support of this vitally important ministry so we can continue to Connect Your World With God’s Word!