Bishop Hendricken High School students 'Man-Up' for breast cancer awareness


WARWICK —When you compare the mission and values of a Catholic boys high school and a breast cancer resource foundation it is easy to understand what bonds these two organizations.

The mission of Bishop Hendricken High School is to strengthen the relationship of all members of the community, through the development of the total human person: heart, mind, soul, and body.

The mission of Gloria Gemma is to celebrate and nurture life in the local community before, during and after a breast cancer diagnosis, through education, access to wellness resources and support programs encompassing mind, body and spirit.

The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation was established in 2004 in loving memory of Gloria Gemma, a devout woman who instilled in her children strong family values and the importance of helping those in need. Maria (Gemma) Corcelli, the daughter of Gloria and executive director of the Foundation, said she feels a divine intervention and is blessed with the people who support and encompass their mission.

For the past six years Bishop Hendricken High School has been actively supporting the mission of the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation with their “Man-Up” initiative. They have raised $148,000 to support the programs and resources offered by Gloria Gemma. This year “Man-Up” is participating in the run/walk series as part of Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life™ on October 2. “Man-Up” brings Hendricken’s mission to the community, raising awareness that anyone’s life can be touched by breast cancer and you can make a difference.

The parallel in ministry of Bishop Hendricken and Gloria Gemma supports their passion to invest time, education, resources, spiritual growth, a caring environment and social conscience. Gloria Gemma has resources and programs to promote their ministry and support those touched by breast cancer. The “Man-Up” initiative at Bishop Hendricken each October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month exemplifies their ministry and commitment to the community.

To learn more about Bishop Hendricken’s “Man-Up” initiative and the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Foundation’s Flames of Hope: A Celebration of Life, visit: