Being pro-life also means supporting women in crisis with grace and forgiveness


A new Marist poll in February revealed an increasing pro-life stance among the American electorate. According to the poll, in what has been deemed a “substantial shift,” Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to late-term abortions. Recent legislative efforts across the country to restrict access to abortion reflect this growing trend. Closer to home, the Rhode Island senators of the judiciary committee who fought against extreme abortion legislation, which failed in committee, should be commended for their heroism.

Pro-lifers should see this victory as a positive step forward. But the pro-life movement must continue its fight for the protection of life holistically. The legal fight against abortion access is a sine qua non, but it is not sufficient. To build up a culture of life, pro-lifers must build up hearts as well. This entails the recognition that the pro-life position is also pro-woman. It requires every effort to help women in crisis pregnancies, availing them of the assistance they need and deserve.

A variety of programs here in the Diocese of Providence do just that. St. Gabriel’s Call and Elizabeth Ministry provide a variety of resources for expectant mothers and their unborn babies. The pro-life life movement also centers on reconciliation and healing. Project Rachel was initiated to minister to post-abortive women and men. The Church offers them what the world cannot: the grace and forgiveness of Christ. Projects like these assure women and families that they are not alone. The Body of Christ is here for them, no matter what.