Advent Giving Project at Blessed Sacrament School helps plantation workers in Dominican Republic


Blessed Sacrament students Yvonni and Melanie make a donation to the school’s Advent Giving Project to benefit sugar cane plantation workers in the Dominican Republic. Mrs. Wiles, a music teacher at Blessed Sacrament will take part in a mission trip to the mission to the Dominican Republic in January. Principal Chris Weber explained that mission work is done at a hospital mission site in La Romana near Punta Cana.

“Medical teams who go out to the local communities of sugar cane workers,” he said. “These are small housing areas built by the industry and are literally located in the fields. Each year the work continues to expand to hold more patients, medical personnel and volunteers. Each of us going contributes $600 for supplies to build and medicines as well as our other travel expenses.”

Types of supplies needed include: vitamins, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Neosporin, Band-aids, baby clothes, used children’s clothing in good condition, long sleeved cotton shirts for men and women, as well as crayons and pencils.