Abortion is a moral wrong



It is not enough to call upon legislators to search their conscience before casting votes on abortion bills. The conscience is not something that in and of itself knows right from wrong. The conscience is formed and informed by the intellect. Therefore, to the extent that the intellect is in error, the conscience will be in error. And to the extent that the intellect is correct, the conscience will be correct. Therefore, it is not enough to search one’s conscience; one must form and inform one’s conscience by faith and reason. When it comes to abortion, reason alone can bring one to understand that abortion is a grave moral wrong; one need not even be informed by faith. Therefore, perhaps this is no longer a matter of conscience at all, but evil freely and deliberately chosen. The legislators demand for access to abortion up until birth goes beyond any hope of an appeal to conscience or reason.

Kiki Latimer, Co-author of “Understanding Abortion: From Mixed Feelings to Rational Thought,” Hope Valley