Abortion destroys human life and no legislative catchphrases can change that


Two Rhode Island lawmakers recently announced their top priority for 2019: enshrining abortion rights in state law. Instead of focusing on the real problems our state faces, they are placating the desires of extreme interest groups. Fears of an overhaul of Roe v. Wade by an ostensibly conservative judiciary propel their cause, which is abortion on-demand. Under the guise of pithy slogans supporting “women’s rights” and “health care” stands the hard truth behind these political word-games: abortion always destroys an innocent human life.

Don’t be fooled by the fallacious mantras of the pro-abortion movement, which justify taking the life of a human fetus because that life is not “viable,” or can’t survive on its own. A one-month-old baby can’t survive by itself, either. But last time anyone checked, rational people don’t support infanticide. A fetus is merely a conglomeration of cells, they argue. Indeed, a fetus is a conglomeration of cells. But so are we. You don’t have to be a believer to understand the metaphysical truth that the whole is greater than its parts.

Who you are today is not substantially different from who you were 20 years ago. Your genetic code (DNA) was the same in the womb, now, and will be forever. Even U.S. federal law verifies this point: if a “child in utero” is killed during the commission of certain federal crimes of violence, the perpetrator may be charged with double manslaughter or homicide. Let’s be clear: the catchphrases we hear from such legislators supporting extremist causes do not stand up against the truth that abortion destroys innocent human life. Always.