Abortion bill would have devastating consequences


To the Editor:

This new bill, which has been filed in the Rhode Island House (and now also the Senate) really screams at you.

I hope our representatives know where Bill 5343 is taking us. This bill is detrimental to our young women psychologically and physically. At the discretion of the attending physician, the unborn could be killed from 22 weeks. We all know that potential life is life no matter what stage of development he or she is in. By the eighth week, the little one (fetus) in the womb has all of his organs, vessels, etc. functioning. The baby is active in the womb long before his/her mother feels him moving. These children could have been doctors, lawyers, policemen or future parents which would have made you grandparents today!

The ‘Slaughter of the Innocents’ in our times is very similar to what took place in Roman Times, and we are supposed to be more civilized today?

When we are born and when we die are the most important times in our lives. We have come from God and we are returning to Him. We should be allowed to live from conception to natural death. They are deliberately trying to destroy us at both of these times.

Saint John Paul II called this time we have been living in the “Culture of Death.” He stated, “The culture of death results ultimately in an eclipse in the sense of God and of man typical of a social climate and cultural climate dominated by secularism…without the Creator the creature would disappear…when God is forgotten the creature grows unintelligible.”

Marilyn Brennan, Narragansett