Back to School - 2010

A message from the Bishop


Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Providence are strong academically and rich in extracurricular activities; they possess a lively spirit and are solidly grounded in our Catholic Faith. Our schools are indeed a tremendous strength of our Diocesan church.

The ultimate goals of our Catholic schools are the achievement of three specific objectives: teach doctrine, build community and motivate service. Catholic education finds its fulfillment in motivating others to serve, a dimension clearly rooted in the life and ministry of Jesus Himself.

Like Catholic schools throughout the country, we too face challenges such as declining enrollment and increased financial pressures. However, with continued support from parents, parishes and innovative proposals such as the scholarship tax credit, which provides tuition assistance for low-income families, the reality of a Catholic education is made available to many children.

I would like to personally thank those who are committed to the success of Catholic education in the Diocese of Providence: our priests and religious; Catholic school teachers, administrators, staff and volunteers; the staff of our Diocesan Schools Office; parents, guardians and students; and all the members of the Diocese and community who work together so well to support our Catholic schools.

Through their work, they are making a real difference for the future of the Church and the Rhode Island community.