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Here we go again

They’re back! Yes, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, the very same group who helped to remove the Cranston prayer banner and attack the Woonsocket war memorial, is back in Rhode Island.

This time they are suing a Cranston florist for refusing to deliver flowers to the individual who challenged the prayer banner in Cranston High School West. Yes, the same group that never met a civic monument they didn’t want to destroy has filed a lawsuit last week in Rhode Island Superior Court, alleging that Twins Florist violated the law when they refused to deliver flowers to an individual who sued to have the Cranston Prayer Banner removed.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and their local atheist allies have nothing to offer but aggravation and harassment for any individual or group who dare stand against their angry agenda to remove God form the public square.

Although they represent a very small group of angry and marginal Rhode Islanders, the Freedom from Religion Foundation is well-financed and their allies are a bunch of bullies who seem to thrive on discriminating and angrily attacking God and people of faith. They offer nothing in support of humanity nor do they serve the common good of the state or nation in any way.

The lawsuit is yet another example of how some business owners are being forced to defend themselves against legal action if they choose not to violate their religious beliefs. In states where same-sex marriage is legal, for instance, photographers and others who provide services to the wedding industry have been sued for refusing to serve same-sex couples.

Let them know where Rhode Islanders of faith and good will stand. We stand against their latest angry atheist antic. So act now and call Twins Flowers in Cranston to order some flowers for your church, your family and your friends.

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