Couples celebrate decades of love, faith

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PROVIDENCE— "We feel like newlyweds," said Roger Martin, beaming beside Lorraine, his wife of 55 years.

The loving couple from St. Joseph Church, Woonsocket, attended the Wedding Anniversary celebration Sunday at the Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul and reflected on the day they met.

“We met at a wedding shower for a friend at a hotel in Woonsocket,” he recalled, holding his wife’s hand. “When I first saw her, I knew I wanted to dance with her and she danced into my heart.”

More than 200 other love stories were awakened as couples from across the diocese gathered together to celebrate the special milestones in their lives and to have their marriages blessed during the Mass, which was presided over by Bishop Thomas J. Tobin.

In his homily, the bishop congratulated the couples celebrating their anniversaries, a joyful occasion in the life of the diocesan church.

“There’s certainly lots of confusion about marriage in our world today,” he said. “And you’ve known good days and bad days, joys and sorrows, but nonetheless here you are, you’re survivors and we give thanks and praise to God.”

The bishop said that together, they are not celebrating quantity of years, but the quality of their life and faith within a “permanent, faithful, creative, and holy” sacrament. He also prayed that God would continue to bless the couples with abundant gifts in the days and years to follow.

“You have taken the concept of marriage and breathed life into it,” said Bishop Tobin. “You have made it real.”

Part of what makes a marriage unique is how a couple first met. The longer the love, the more those first moments become precious and extraordinary in the memory for the faithful couple. For Brian and Margaret Morgan, parishioners of Mary, Mother of Mankind in North Providence, it was “love at first sight.”

“We met on the dance floor,” she said, smiling at her husband of 25 years. “We were dancing and he said to me, ‘something tells me that you’re the girl I’ve been looking for all of my life,’ and I said to him, ‘something tells me you’re right’.”

“It was one enchanted evening,” he remembered.

After witnessing countless devoted couples at the Mass, celebrating more than 50 years of marriage, Margaret Morgan explained that she felt inspired by the generations of love.

“It’s possible," she said. “Marriage is a living, breathing example of our love and our community; it’s a sacrament. It’s a very inspiring example to our family, to our children.”

Mike DeNoia and his wife Cathy, parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church, Westerly, said that they were happy to help out with hospitality for the annual event. Celebrating 36 years of marriage, Mike DeNoia shared that the Anniversary Mass is inspirational for couples and puts the focus on how important marriage is in today's society.

"Looking at the numbers of people here it speaks volumes," he said. "You see people make their way up the stairs on crutches, under their own power. It's a tremendous example."

Bishop Tobin expressed his gratitude toward the couples for their dedication to the sacrament of matrimony and their witness to the faith. He added that regardless of what happens along the journey of life, that God will be with them, a promise he makes in the holy sacrament.

“When two people marry, they promise to love one another as God has loved us and their love becomes a reflection of God’s love in the world,” the bishop said. “Your anniversary is the intersection of your past and future. As you reflect upon the past, give thanks to God for all of his blessings and you can look to the future with confidence, hope and joy.”

Couples celebrating milestone anniversaries


Michael and Mafalda Andrea

William and Josephine Elliano

John and Lena McDonough


Ralph and Marie Grieco


Louis and Lorraine Gazzerro

Carlo and Dorothy Longo

Armand and Rita Perrault

Nazareth and Frances Piccirilli


Donald and Elaine McCarthy


Albert and Dorothy A. Palombo

Louis V. and Gloria S. Sciolto


Angela and Ida Acciardo

Benjamin and Carolina Carbone

Rudolph and Jean Lombardi

Richard and Eleanor Mournighan

William and Florence Rosa

Ralph and Kathleen Willis


Charles and Patricia Andrade

Eugene and Evelyn Blair

Andrew and Corinne Caldarone

Alfredo and Maria DaRosa

Rodrigues and Concetta DaSilva

Marshall and Jean Gillette

Herman and Muriel Lapointe

Philippe and Gabrielle Levesque

Roland and Theresa Masterson

Joseph and Shirley Pichette

Stephen and Gloria Sanfilippo

Anthony and Virginia Simeone

Howard and Justine Weekley


Clarence and Mary Barrow

Robert and Gilda Colannino

Silvio and Mary Gliottone

Charles and Muriel LaFontaine


Philip and Joan Gately

Richard and Irene St. Louis


Antimo and Rosalie D'Agostino

Ciro and Olga DeLuca

Robert and Anne Scott


Leonard and Catherine Kerchner

Robert and Ann Moan


Anthony and Patricia Cunha

Wendell and Anne Lowry

Robert and Rose MacLure

Roger and Lorraine Martin

Richard and Patricia Pelletier, Sr.


David and Josephine J. Alves

Frank and Teresa Caramadre

Joseph and Natalie Migneault

Salvatore and Evelyn Raspallo


Joseph and Helen Stachowiak


Philip and Patricia Abbatomarco

Edward and Rosemary Altiere

Edward and Angela Haibon


Thomas and Eleanor Chadronet

Michael R. and Dolores Mancini

John and Ann McBride

Charles P. and Rita L. Nadeau


Arthur and Nancy Andrews

Richard and Maria Antonelli

Jose and Barbara Antonio

Michael and Pauline Aridano

Anthony and Rosemarie Arlia

Richard and Carolyn Autiello

George and Elizabeth Bannon

Manuel and Maria Bettencourt

Robert J. and Irene C. Bissonnette

Joseph and Karen Blount

Lawrence and Marilyn Bricker

Frank A. and Camille Bucci

Emidio and Judith Carusi

Richard and Jean Cedor

Ulisse and Irene Coletta

Robert and Barbara Collelo

Luke and Janet Conboy

John Michael and Mary Elizabeth Conway

James and Ethel Conway

Raymond and Ann Creta

William and Joan Darcey

Michael and Jeanette Darling

John and Jeanne Degoes

Ronald and Millie Destremps

Anthony and Mary L. DiSaia

Edward and Claire Dufresne

John and Patricia Faria

Richard C. and Barbara L. Ferreira

Albert and Marjorie Gates

Harris and Carol Gederman

David and Sheila Greene

A. Roger and Claudette Guillemette

Rene R. and Evelyn M. Heroux

John and Raffaela Leone

Joseph and Lois Lombardi

Ralph and Dolores Manzi

Donald B. and Norma McLeod

Nicholas and Luisa Nofi, Jr.

Dana and Janice O’Neill

Anthony and Rosealba Pagano

Norman and Mary Palazini

Anthony and Amelia Pecchia

Ernest and Joan Peck

John and Alice Pellegrino

Norman and Marguerite Pike

Ernest and Carol Pina

Miguel and Juanita Rey

Paul A. and L. Ellen Schroeder

Michael and Bernice Sechio

Raymond J. and Barbara M. Simone

James R. and Lena A. Sullivan

Robert and Sheila Sweeney

John W. and Judith J. Tullie

John and Carolyn Wheeler

Walter and Maria Wilk

Ernest and Pauline Woods


Ronald and Althea Allard

Paul and Joanne Benoit

Eugene and Claire Berard

Domingos and Evangelina Bernardo

Jose E. and Virginia L. Bulcao

Joseph and Jeannette Carreau, III

Domenico and Christina Castaldi

Peter and Diane Cipolla

Dennis and Marjorie Costello

Robert and Barbara DelVicario

Raymond and Jane Dusseault

Gerald and Helene Dziok

Joseph and Donna Elliott

Raymond L. and Michaela E. Geary

Andrew and Barbara Gianelli

Stephen and Cheryl Golda

Richard and Patricia Hesselbarth

Robert L. and Diane L. LaFond

Paul and Catherine Lalanne

Jean and Rita Laliberte

Donald and Denise Levesque

David and Leslie Martinelli

John and Cheryl McGurn

Thomas and Patricia Mooty

Robert and Diane Nicholas

Stephen and Mary Nugent

Robert and Mafalda Nula

Peter R. and Gail P. Paranzino

Leonard and Susanna Parsons

Joseph and Virginia Pasonelli

Ronald and Jacqueline Provost

Semiao and Ana Ramos

Dale and Lynne Ryan

John and Kathleen Sandberg

Michael and Carol Saunders

Ronald and Carolyn Spagnole

Matthew and Carol Ulbin

Richard and Dallene Walsh


Edward and Cynthia Aubin

Paul and Carol Baggott

John and Angel Barbosa

Christopher and Janice Bijesse

Charles M. and Leslie A. Borkoski

Edward and Sheila Broderick

Thomas P. and Marion Carnevale

Kieran C. and Patricia A. Carroll

Raymond and Kathleen Chaquette

Jose and Anne DeFaria

Al and Teri Dias

Ralph and Kathleen Dykstra

Alvin and Nancy Edler

Luigi and Denise Fontana

Jeffrey and Ellen Gallonio

Marc and Jane Gauthier

Gerald and Lucille Gince

Kipp and Donna Hartmann

Kevin and Kathleen Hitt

Robert and Muriel Holfelder

Charles and Maria Hurley

Howard and Mary Anne Johanson

Michael and Patricia Krzywonos

Dennis and Sheila Layfield

Joseph and Natalia Lima

Kenneth and Brenda Machado

William Kelly and Diane Messere Magee

Michael and Monica McLynch

Richard and Anna Montella

Brian and Margaret M. Morgan

Peter and Elizabeth Morley

Thomas and Martha Mulcahey

Carl and Lisa Nassi

Anthony and Mary Patriarca

Richard George and Jean Marie Radican

Richard and Christine Riel

Thomas and Susan Sienkiewicz

David and Elizabeth Smith

Russell and Therese Sylvestre

Ralph and Maureen Taylor

Harvey A. and Debra A. Whitmore